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Stocking Clerk Position Description

Title:            Stocking Clerk                         Days Off:        Varies                              Department:    Varies                              Status:         Non-Exempt                           Reports to:      Zone Manager                                                                                    

Position Summary:

The primary responsibility of the Stocking Clerk is to sort, store, and distribute sales floor merchandise.  The Stocking Clerk will stock shelves, racks, and tables. This position works under moderate supervision and must work closely with other Team Members.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1.)    Freight – Delivers freight to appropriate department. Stocks incoming freight neatly and within appropriate location codes. Places top stock directly above product in an orderly fashion with SKU facing outward on product. Ensures all incoming stock is put away in a timely manner to ensure easy access. Performs major down-stocking once a week.

2.)    Equipment – Operates equipment including, but not limited to, power pallets, manual pallets, hand trucks, compactors and forklifts as needed.

3.)    Customer Service – Provide McLendon Hardware's legendary customer service through courteous, efficient, and attentive service in a timely manner. Obtains and provides Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for customers, as needed. Uses excellent customer service to deter and prevent shoplifting.

4.)    Safety – Maintains a safe sales floor by securing racks and shelves, stocking heavy items on bottom shelves, securing merchandise and making sure lids are tight. Recognizes and resolves safety issues in a timely manner.

5.)    Inventory Control – Reports department inventory concerns, including stock shrinkages, outs and overages to Department Lead and Zone Manager. Communicates inventory issues to Department Lead and/or Management.

6.)    Housekeeping – Removes, break downs and recycles empty boxes from all areas. Performs general housekeeping/janitorial duties including, but not limited to, keeping store free of debris and litter, removing and disposing of unwanted or useless materials, dusting merchandise on shelves, sweeping floor areas, etc. Ensures empty pallets are neatly stacked in designated area.


Other Duties:

1.)    Assist customers, as needed, by answering questions and directing them to the appropriate department or Sales Team Member.

2.)    Merchandise recovery.

3.)    Performs other duties as needed.


Worker Qualifications:

-    Must have the ability to perform assigned duties according to time schedules and deadlines.

-    Must have the ability to obtain McLendon Hardware forklift certification. 

-    Must have the ability to stand, climb, bend, and lift merchandise of up to 50lbs.

-    Must be able to effectively use a hand truck, pallet jack and ladder.

-    Must have basic computer knowledge, including Email.

-    Must be able to work independently as well as with others as a team.

-    Must have the ability to read and write English and have basic math skills.

-    Due to the nature and responsibilities of this position, dependable regular attendance is required. 

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Central Network Retail Group, LLC


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